Next up: Kingdom Summit in Lagos, Nigeria

October 18-27

Plan to attend this groundbreaking Marketplace Summit that will cover topics including Repurposing Capital, Transforming Society, Convergence, Repurposings Business and Repurposing Government. The actual weekend summit is October 24-26. Planning to come to Lagos? Contact us right away as you will need (A) a visa, and (B) a yellow fever vacination (10 days before you travel).


Upcoming Events 



Plettenberg Bay: May 10th - May 21st 2014 - Repurposing Business Venture. Download Flyer
Chennai: June 7th - June 18th 2014 - Repurposing Busines Venture. Download Flyer


To apply for either of the upcoming Ventures, please contact


 Second & Fourth Thursdays, 6:30-9:30p.m.

Contact Richard Lai for details





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