New Product from The Institute: Bizcipleship

BIZCIPLESHIP™ is a marketplace-focused discipleship program unlike traditional discipleship models. BIZCIPLESHIP™ is not constructed around theology, but modern-day stories that reflect the God who is pro-business, passionate about work, and excited about solving world problems through new products and services. Shaped on 30 years of practical, biblically grounded experience of living out faith at work in the nitty-gritty world of the marketplace.

BIZCIPLESHIP™ provides life-shaping, mind-molding, faith-inspiring weekly insights for marketplace people longing for greater work-life integration. Through the genuine stories gathered by Repurposing Business (rép) teams and The Institute over the last few decades, Bizcipleship Members receive faith to fight workplace battles, and tools for the challenges of seeing “Your kingdom come” in their offices, factories, universities and households.

We encourage EVERYONE in our REP Community to become a Member of Bizcipleship… and share it with your friends. There is a one-month free trial, and a free LITE version that complements the monthly membership.


Upcoming Events 



Plettenberg Bay: May 10th - May 21st 2014 - Repurposing Business Venture. Download Flyer
Chennai: June 7th - June 18th 2014 - Repurposing Busines Venture. Download Flyer


To apply for either of the upcoming Ventures, please contact


 Second & Fourth Thursdays, 6:30-9:30p.m.

Contact Richard Lai for details





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